1xBet For Nigerian Players

There are bookmakers and online casinos that do not need any special introduction globally, and 1xbet is one such example. At the same time, the average bettor is forced to choose between trusted and reliable partners and those who are simply maximally focused on his country and local currency. In the case of 1xbet, this problem is solved by itself – since the company officially entered the Nigerian market with a localized version of its own website.

Ratings 1xbet
  • Reliability - 9/10
  • Line in prematch - 10/10
  • Line in live - 10/10
  • Odds - 10/10
  • Convenience of payment - 7/10
  • Support service - 7/10

Rating global

The rating is compiled based on feedback from visitors, taking into account their winnings, experience of communication with support, and winnings withdrawal. It is also reviewed by our specialists, and that’s why may differ greatly from the rest of the ratings on the Internet.


Lots of promotions and special events.

There are over 10 prize draws every day.

Most of them are permanent.

There are casinos, slots, poker and other card games with real dealers and a computer.

The choice of slot machines is huge.

1xBet is a very famous company all over the world.


Insecurity. In case of deception, the player has no way to achieve justice. Offshore companies do not respond to claims in any way.

The site is blocked in many countries, but the blocking is easy to bypass.

1xBet Review

One hundred percent confidence in his betting or gambling partner is the most important thing that a gambler can want from a platform in which he invests his own money.

1xbet is a success story that has been going on for a quarter of a century, and during all this time the company has grown from small and unknown to anyone to the scale of a global giant, recognized everywhere.

This in itself suggests that people from different countries of the world trust the brand, since they took the risk for the first time and have not yet become disillusioned with the platform for gambling entertainment. Millions of people have made their informed choices, and they literally push you to become one of the 1xbet customers.

Who Is Behind It

The history of the brand dates back to 1997, when the company was first founded 1xbet on the territory of the Russian Federation. Today the official owner of the company is Exinvest Limited as a Billing Agent and 1X Corp N.V. At the same time, it is not worth considering the office as exclusively Russian for a long time – it is a large transnational holding, which also includes the Nigerian version.

Design And Usability

A significant contribution to the growth of popularity and recognition of 1xbet all over the world was made by the simplicity and clarity of the interface, even for those people who, before getting acquainted with the online capabilities of the company, had never really used modern gadgets. Having carefully studied the home page, a novice user will notice that everything you need is at hand, in conveniently organized blocks.

In addition to the convenience of choosing tournaments, as well as top events in live and pre match modes, the office also actively collects statistical information. If you have a clear idea of what a sportsman’s form is, and understand how it can affect the outcome of one individual confrontation, it will even more help you make the right bet and break a pleasant win!


One should not suspect 1xbet fraud, if only because the multimillion-dollar army of the company’s clients would not use the services of the office if they noticed even the slightest catch. Over the years, the brand has fought to create an impeccable reputation recognized by millions of people around the world – now it makes no sense for it to spoil its own image.

Partnerships with major payment systems and advertising partners also suggest that 1xbet is recognized as an equal – the bookmaker does not cast a shadow on the reputation of a self-respecting business.

It is easy to make sure of the above – all you need to do is visit any thematic forum and read customer reviews, both from Nigeria and from any other countries.

Betting on 1xBet

In the early years of its activity, 1xbet was engaged in purely betting activities – it is not surprising that sports betting still remains a significant segment of the services provided by the office. To get a more detailed understanding of how sports betting works at 1xbet, take a closer look at this section.

Betting Options

One of the nice features of 1xbet is the wide coverage of various sporting events – hundreds or even more than a thousand events from various tournaments and sports are selected daily in the line. The range even includes exotic disciplines that are unfairly ignored by many other bookmakers – for example, cricket, floorball, and so on. Cybersport has not been ignored either, especially since today its audience exceeds the number of fans of many types of classical sports. You can bet not on sports at all – for example, on the winners of various awards, politics, fluctuations in financial markets, and so on. A separate opportunity is to play on the sweepstakes, where the winnings depend not only on how accurately you guessed the results, but also on the number of other lucky ones who won together with you.

The Multi-LIVE system, created by the developers of 1xbet.com, will allow those bettors who like to bet in live mode to always be aware of what is happening in interesting events, reacting quickly to what is happening. Of particular interest is the 1xZone function – it allows you to bet not just on an event that should happen, but on something that will happen as the first of several proposed options.

Line and live offer a wide selection of various sports disciplines, including both well-known and slightly less popular, but therefore not deprived of the bookmaker’s attention. Here is a list of the sports that 1xbet.com customers are most interested in:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Table tennis
  • Darts
  • Cricket
  • eSports
  • Handball
  • American football
  • Futsal
  • Beach soccer
  • Boxing
  • UFC
1xBet For Nigerian Players

Bet Types

Dozens of disciplines available for placing a bet are not all that an advanced modern bettor needs, because nowadays it is customary to bet on the smallest details of the game, as well as combine single bets in the most unpredictable combinations to increase the overall odds. The list for all major sports is such that one can go beyond banal exact scores, outcomes and totals – in the same football, you can bet on the number of cards, and on the author of the goal, and on the fact that the ball will be scored in a specific period of time. A similar variability of rates is provided for other sports.

Most often, sports betting fans choose one of the following types of risk:

  • Outcome – determining the winner of a confrontation or tournament. The exact score does not matter here – you just need to guess who will win, or predict a draw, if such is provided for by a specific sport;
  • Total is the total score of points earned by both opponents. Here it doesn’t matter who wins, but you need to understand how many goals, pucks, and so on will be scored – more or less than a certain number;
  • Individual total – in terms of meaning, it completely duplicates the ordinary total, but concerns points scored by just one team. This type of bet is very popular in those sports where a team scores a lot of points per match – for example, basketball or volleyball;
  • Handicap is an actual betting option in a situation where you not only know who will win, but also roughly imagine the scale of the sports difference between the opposing rivals. By placing a bet, you add or subtract a certain number of points from one of the parties according to the results of the match, claiming that according to the results of such an arithmetic operation, the outcome will be in favor of the named team or a draw;
  • Double chance is an ideal solution in a situation where a weaker opponent on paper is obliged to fight today. If you are sure that one of the three outcomes will definitely not happen (one of the teams is guaranteed not to win or are sure that it will do without a draw), bet on a double chance;
  • Correct score – this type of bet attracts bettors with consistently high odds. Just guessing the outcome is not enough here – in order to win, you need to name the exact score after the final whistle indicating the winning team.

Odds and Limits

Any bettor dreams of being able to win as much as possible with relatively low risks, so high odds can be considered as an undeniable advantage of 1xbet. As a rule, it is at this office that the quotes are the most profitable – so much so that it is simply pointless for gambling sports fans to rely on something better from competitors.

At the same time, the office seeks to earn not through a high margin, but thanks to a large flow of bets on top events. In this regard, the margin on the most popular matches is even reduced – the players receive the most profitable odds on European football cups and top-5 championships, NBA and NHL, as well as Grand Slam tournaments in tennis. If the bettor is ready to be content with the main types of bets, such as outcome, handicap or total, then the margin for them will be only 3%. More specific proposals from the list assume a margin of around 5%.

Supporters pay a little more to place bets on relatively unpopular sports and tournaments – it is more difficult for the firm’s analysts to predict the results of such matches, because the increased vulnerability of 1xbet is insured by a margin of 6%.

Live events have a higher margin for the same reason: by offering to bet on rapidly changing events, the bookmaker, like the players, risks. However, in this case, the 1xbet margin is more loyal than that of competitors – it is only 1-2% higher than it was for bets on the same event in the prematch mode.

As for the minimum bet size, it starts from a very low threshold – in fact, you can even bet 1 naira. At the same time, the minimum replenishment of the account starts from 360 Naira, and in order to receive a bonus on the first deposit, its amount must be at least 400 Nairas.

How to Place Bets

There is nothing easier than placing a bet at 1xbet on an event in the results of which you are one hundred percent sure. See how easy it is.

Choose Your Favorite Event

Choose a match or event that is especially interesting for yourself, the result of which seems to you predictable, capable of bringing profit. For the sake of convenience, you can build on the matches presented in the live and pre match blocks right on the main page – all games that are of interest to a large number of gamers usually fall there. If the event you need is still not there, find it in the left block of the site, sequentially selecting the sport, then the tournament, and then the specific match. Click on it to open a detailed list of this event in the central part of the page.

Enter the Amount You Want to Wager

The 1xbet betting company offers its customers numerous promotions and bonuses, the winnings from which are often credited to a separate bonus account first. You can place bets from it too, therefore, having decided to put money on an event, you should choose from which account the bet will be made – but provided that the funds are present on both.

Place Your Bet

Having chosen the event you are interested in, you will see a list – a list of conditions, the fulfillment of which will be considered your winnings, with a coefficient for each of them. If we talk about all familiar football, then the options may be as follows: bet one of the opponents to win or a draw, determine the total score of the match (the total number of goals scored by both teams), name the total number of yellow cards or corners, name the authors of the goals scored and much other. Find a statement that seems highly likely to you and click on it to add it to the coupon.

A very popular and profitable option is the xpressbet, when you simultaneously place several conditions in one coupon. If you add several statements to the coupon at once (even for different matches and different sports), the coefficients will be multiplied among themselves and give a higher win, but to win it is necessary that everything you predicted come true without exception.

1xBet Registration Process

Full use of the opportunities 1xbet available for registered users only – without registration it is impossible to participate in promotions and bonuses, as well as withdraw winnings. The registration process is simple enough so as not to refuse it, and you can register in several ways at once, choosing the most convenient for yourself.


The simplest way is to choose your country and currency, and then click the “Register” button. Prior to this, it is desirable to get acquainted with the terms of this agreement – a reference to it is given here in the form for registration. 1xbet goes to meet the Nigerians and allows you to open a gaming account in nairas.

1xBet For Nigerian Players

By Phone

The registration form assumes that the user initially enters his mobile phone number, and then confirms it by specifying the confirmation code received in the SMS in a special field. As in the above case, it makes sense to get acquainted with the user agreement, and then boldly press “Register”. 1xbet works in Nigeria, so enter your number – the message with the code will not be lost.

1xBet For Nigerian Players

By E-Mail

This method involves an indication of a much more extensive information – in the form of registration it is necessary to register the country, region and city, currency accounts, contact details (phone number and email address), personal information (name and surname, as well as a document confirming the passport data, with series, number and date of issue). With this registration method, the password is not generated automatically – you need to come up with it, and then click the “Register” button. Inexperienced users often avoid this method of registration, considering it inappropriate and complicated, but the only way you will immediately become a verified customer getting maximum access to all features of the site. Without a full indication of the listed data, you will remain an unverified user, and sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that you need to go through additional verification.

Via Social Networks and Messengers

For the convenience of customers, 1xbet offers to register even through popular social networks and instant messengers. Choose from the proposed options the one that you use and in which you have a full-fledged account, allow the bookmaker to read your data from the social network or messenger, and then click “Register”. Taking into account the Eastern European origin of the office, as an option for registration, there are mainly those messengers and social networks that are in great demand in Eastern Europe, but it is possible that you already have an account in some of the above list.

Account Verification

Considering how easy it is to register 1xbet, as well as the availability of opening an account in Naira and ways to gain clearance from the system, it is not surprising that the bookmaker company has gained wide recognition both in Nigeria and in other countries around the world.However, just as it is important for the bettor that the bookmaker is recognizable, the bookmaker wants to know who his client is. To get the most opportunities, the user must specify as much information, and at least tie the phone. For example, when you register with a single click you can see here is the notice from the site.

1xBet For Nigerian Players

The bookmaker needs to verify the user’s identity for the following reasons:

  • To avoid fraud on the part of the client – so that the bettor does not use someone else’s name, and in the event of financial fraud, he cannot shift the responsibility to another person;
  • To prevent minors from participating in gambling – the legislation of most countries of the world is categorically against the access of children to such entertainment;
  • To combat multi-accounting – the bookmaker offers lucrative welcome bonuses for new users, and does not want especially cunning bettors to receive them several times or use open accounts for cross-bets;
  • To prevent legally won funds from falling into the hands of fraudsters who have gained unauthorized access to a verified user account.

Required Documents

Only official documents issued by state authorities and containing not only textual information about the holder, but also his photograph should be used as documentation recognized by the 1xbet administration as a sufficient basis for user verification. The 1xbet administration, of course, does not require the original to be sent – instead, you need to photograph or scan the document and send it to the support representatives in digital form.

You can use as supporting documents:

  • Passport;
  • National ID card;
  • Pre-license;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Military identification card;
  • Voter card.

Among other things, 1xbet wants to know where the customer lives. To confirm the place of residence, you will also have to provide a digitized document issued by official bodies no earlier than within the last three months. As confirmation, you can use:

  • Bills or receipts for payments for utilities, where both the name of the payer and his address are clearly visible;
  • Bank statements;
  • Tax accounts;
  • Letters from a lawyer confirming the recent purchase of a house or apartment, with the obligatory addition of documents confirming the previous place of residence.

The key point in verifying your own address is its clear and unambiguous, readable indication in the provided documents.

When planning to withdraw winnings, confirm that the bank card or wallet with the specified details belongs to you. Please note that you should be especially careful with such data – they should in no case be entrusted to outside companies that only impersonate 1xbet. To attach a specific type of account to your account, follow these simple instructions:

  • The bank account is confirmed by a bank statement, which must be issued no earlier than within the last three months before the date of your registration with 1xbet;
  • Photograph both sides of the card to confirm ownership of the credit or debit card. Please note that CVC / CVV is secret information that is not recommended to be transferred to third parties, therefore it is better to paint over these numbers in the photo – 1xbet will have no complaints about this. In the same way, it is not necessary to leave all the digits of the card number visible – it is enough to leave the first four and the last four.
  • You can prove the ownership of the e-money wallet using a screenshot of the page on which your profile data is indicated.

Depositing Money on 1xBet Nigeria

To place the first bet, the bettor needs money in the account, but this will not be difficult – you can replenish the deposit either through a computer or through a mobile phone.

How To Fund an Account

The principle of replenishment on the site, through the browser, and in the mobile application is completely identical. To complete the task, follow the following guidelines:

  • Log in to the system by entering your authorization data;
  • Find the “top up” button or the dollar icon at the top of the screen, click on them;
  • Decide on the type of services that you want to use to fund your account – for example, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets or bank cards, and click on the desired category;
  • Click on the appropriate deposit method, after which a window will appear asking you to enter the amount.

The specifics of replenishment through different services can vary significantly – the difference concerns the minimum and maximum amounts of crediting (indicated in the amount entry box), as well as the timing of the receipt of funds to the account. When transferring cryptocurrencies, the administration separately reminds of the need to be as careful as possible, since there is no central regulation of cryptocurrency transactions, and any mistake in the introduction of details is fraught with irrevocable loss of money.

In the future, you can recall all your account replenishments in your personal account, where there is a section “Transfer History”.

Payment Options for Deposit

A huge variety of top-up methods are available to Nigerian users, relevant directly to Nigeria. Among other options, you can use such popular worldwide methods of depositing funds:

  • Bank cards Visa / MasterCard;
  • Electronic non-bank wallets such as Skrill, Webmoney, Perfect Money;
  • Payment systems – Neteller, ecoPayz;
  • Internet banking – GTBank, Providus Bank, Polaris Bank and others;
  • Prepaid cards – PaySafeCard, Astropay Onetouch, MyBux;
  • Bank transfer of ten different banks;
  • Over two dozen cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash;
  • USSD.
1xBet For Nigerian Players

How to Withdraw from 1xBet

If you are not only playing, but also winning, you probably want to withdraw your honestly earned money and spend it not only on new bets, but also on something other than betting. 1xbet and its Nigerian local version provide this opportunity for everyone.

How to Withdraw the Winnings

The procedure for withdrawing money won from 1xbet accounts is subject to the rules set in advance by the administration – you should familiarize yourself with them in advance, so as not to violate anything without encountering unforeseen restrictions. So, the company reserves the right to block the withdrawal of funds if the amount planned for withdrawal exceeds the total amount of bets made. Also, an account whose owner has not made bets with odds higher than 1.1 may be subject to restrictions. A priori, he cannot claim to withdraw funds, and the user who has not passed verification, has not provided the requested documents confirming his identity or residence address, has not confirmed the ownership of the account, card or wallet where he is now requesting a withdrawal.

Please note that the rules of the office prescribe that winnings should be withdrawn only to the wallet from which the deposit was made. To receive money won with 1xbet, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account by entering your username and password;
  • Go to your personal account;
  • Select “Withdraw funds”;
  • Find in the list of categories (bank cards, prepaid cards, cryptocurrencies, etc.) the desired one, and in it – the withdrawal method you want to use;
  • In the window that opens, write down the withdrawal amount and the details of the account or card where the money will be sent.

If the 1xbet administration decides to block the transfer for any of the reasons mentioned above, it reserves the right not to specifically notify the user about this. Even if this happens, the money will not be lost – it will simply be returned to the gaming account.

Payment Methods for Withdrawal

Although, according to the bookmaker’s rules, winnings can only be withdrawn to those details from which the replenishment came, in fact, there are even more withdrawal methods than methods of replenishment – simply because some systems have two methods for crediting money to their accounts. For each system, the minimum withdrawal amount and the timing of crediting may differ slightly, but in principle, you must have at least 300 Naira in your account in order to use the withdrawal service from the 1xbet account in Nigeria.

1xBet For Nigerian Players

1xBet Live

Most bettors experience the maximum surge of excitement directly during a sporting event, therefore the live section, which allows betting on matches that have already begun, is essential for every gambler. At 1xbet, this section is represented by an abundance of sports, tournaments and matches, and the list is such that even during the match there are a lot of scenarios for the development of events on which you can bet productively. If we talk about the sports that 1xbet allows you to bet on live, you should definitely mention the following, although this will not be a complete list:

  • football;
  • volleyball;
  • basketball;
  • chess;
  • exotic games (stripball, netball, hurling, darts, Thai boxing and others);
  • e-sports disciplines;
  • hockey.

Live Betting

Wanting to make a profit on a bet in live mode, it is important to react as quickly as possible to what is happening on the field, and grab the odds before the bookmaker has time to change them. To warm up the degree of excitement, 1xbet specially brings the top events taking place right now to the central block of the main page. There they are presented in the form of cards, where the coefficients for the outcome, total and handicap are already registered, here the current time of the fight and the current score are indicated. You can place a bet on any of this almost instantly – literally in a couple of clicks.

Wanting to choose a more specific condition for your own victory, you will have to open the full list, which will take a little more time, but will allow you to bet on an even more likely development of the match.

Live Streaming

1xbet understands that you can fully support the result only when you have the opportunity to directly observe what is happening. That is why the bookmaker’s website provides legal live broadcasts of top events, which can be watched by all registered users, while making live bets.

1xBet App

1xbet fully opens in a browser both on a desktop computer and on a tablet or smartphone, conveniently adjusting to the screen size of a particular gadget. Nevertheless, the bookmaker’s developers suggest using specialized applications for mobile devices and PCs, since they are better optimized, make management more convenient, save traffic and device resources, and even know how to bypass blockages in those states where they are provided.

Mobile App

It is best to download a mobile application from an official source – that is, directly from the bookmaker’s website. In the header of the site there is a button with a smartphone symbol on it – click it and you will be taken to the downloads section.

There you can choose your platform – Android or iOS, for each there is a separate button. If it’s more convenient, enter your phone number in the special field below and 1xbet will send a direct download link via SMS. Installing the downloaded application is no different from installing any other programs – perhaps this will require special permission from the owner of the smartphone, but the operating system itself will tell you how to give the go-ahead for such actions.

Functionally, the application completely duplicates the browser version, but it is much more convenient to use them if the bettor wants to place bets directly on the move. Wherever you are, you can quickly place a bet at any time – even on public transport or at work.

PC Application

A separate bookmaker application can also be used by those users who place bets from a computer. Unlike the browser, the 1xbet client is much less greedy for machine resources, it works faster and more productive. Even if you come to a country where bookmaking is completely banned and the site is blocked, you can bypass the block using a PC program. Like the website, it offers a full range of gambling and profitable features.

1xBet Mobile Site

If your gadget is not very powerful, and installation of any application is impossible or will negatively affect the performance of the device, you can do without third-party programs using the main browser of your smartphone. The 1xbet website is designed to fit the size of the display of mobile devices and to conveniently position the main controls. The mobile version of the site is no different from the desktop one in terms of the set of functions, so the bettor does not lose anything.

1xBet Promo Codes and Bonuses

To actively replenish the army of 1xbet fans and warm up the interest of experienced customers, the bookmaker is constantly introducing new promotional offers aimed at making bets even more gambling and profitable. Moreover, the administration is loyal to those who got carried away and lost too much – in some cases, such losers can count on higher odds to win back faster. Also, the company does not ignore birthday people – a verified 1xbet user can receive a special bonus or gift for his birthday.

Bonus Offers

If this is the first time you registered on the 1xbet website, your first deposit can be doubled – for this, according to the results of registration, you must select the appropriate offer, which can apply to both sports betting and casinos, where the welcome bonus is separate. For Nigeria, there is a limitation according to which the maximum amount of the accrued welcome bonus is no more than 100 thousand naira.

1xBet For Nigerian Players

In addition, throughout Friday, 1xbet offers customers a special bonus, very similar in meaning to the welcome bonus – at least here the amount of the deposit is doubled here too. The limitation of the maximum amount, however, is much lower, because you will not receive a bonus, but this promotion is valid every Friday, and not just once. A prerequisite is that you need to replenish the deposit on Friday from 0.00 to 23.59.


When betting on sports with 1xbet, you can also participate in a kind of lottery that can further increase your winnings. The essence of the Lucky of the Day promotion is as follows: by going to the promotion page, you receive a special ticket with an individual number, after which you place a bet on a sporting event with a coefficient of at least 1.8 and charge at least $ 1.50 to become a full-fledged participant in the drawing. At 20.00 UTC, a special prize draw takes place between all bettors who have confirmed their participation, and this opportunity is provided every day!

According to the results of the drawing, the winning ticket numbers are announced. If you find your number among the winners on the promotion page, it means that you will be credited 500 promotional points within 24 hours.

How to Use 1xBet Bonus

Bonus funds from 1xbet are also money, and although they cannot be withdrawn immediately, they can be wagered. There is a clearly defined wagering procedure that turns bonus funds into “regular” funds available for withdrawal. To do this, you need to bet bonus funds until the total amount of bets five times exceeds the bonus amount. Orders are not suitable for this – wagering is carried out by express trains, from three events in each, and for each event the coefficient must be at least 1.4.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Not every user can automatically receive a bonus – at least, the player’s main account must have a minimum amount, like 400 naira, which is the minimum required to receive a welcome bonus. In addition, the 1xbet administration does not consider it acceptable to “impose” bonuses – you must confirm that you want to receive them, the corresponding option is in your account settings. Only a fully verified client can receive bonuses and agree to this.

1xBet Online Casino

For many people, excitement is associated not so much with sports betting as with casinos. If you are unable to visit a real casino, this will not be a problem thanks to the fact that 1xbet has a huge online casino section. Thanks to this, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and other similar entertainments are available for gamblers anywhere and at any hour!

Casino Games

The 1xbet administration has done everything in its power so that visitors do not get bored – especially for this, the assortment of the virtual establishment includes thousands of games from dozens of the world’s leading manufacturers of such software. Since each player has their own preferences, the site developers have provided a search bar. If you are just getting to know a particular slot machine and do not want to lose money right away without understanding the rules, use the demo mode – it does not bring a win, but the game is also played for virtual money. Taking into account the opinion of experienced gamers, the following entertainment can be considered the most interesting:

  • iSoftBet – Cash Camel, Stacks of Gold, Lucky Glover, Cherry Trio, The King;
  • Evoplay Entertainment – Vegas Nights, Epic Gladiators, Candy Dreams, The Seventieth, Battle Tanks, etc .;
  • Play NGo – Wild North, Street Magic, House of Doom, Book of Dead, Pimped, etc .;
  • EGT – Blue Hart, Zodiac Wheel, Aloha Party, Lucky Hot, Olympus Glory, Magellan, Frog Story.
  • PlaySon – Rise of Egypt, Legend of Cleopatra, Down the Pub, Seventh & Fruits.

The jackpot in each game is different, and it constantly grows until someone especially lucky hits it.

Live Casino

If slots are not for you, and you want to see a live dealer in a game that resembles a real one in a full-fledged casino, pay attention to the live casino section. Watch live broadcasts with feedback: a beautiful presenter will deal cards, spin a wheel or a lottery drum, fulfill any other conditions required for the game, but you will directly participate in the process as a player. Representatives of 1xbet were able to breathe life in a similar way into baccarat and poker, roulette and craps, and much more.

1xBet’s Casino Loyalty Program

The longer you play, the more profitable it is to play at 1xbet casino, since you earn loyalty points for every bet. The more such points, the higher you rise in the hierarchy provided by the loyalty program – from the initial, copper level, to VIP. The higher your level, the faster you earn points, but first, for each euro wagered, you will be awarded 100 points.

The levels get to allow cashback on every lost bet. A copper tier user gets 5% of this cashback, but with each next tier the percentage increases by one ordinal point.

VIP Levels

Reaching the VIP level means that from now on, cashback will be paid even for winning bets. There is no longer a fixed percentage here – the cashback amount fluctuates depending on the type of bet made.

Customer Service

1xbet users, in case of any questions or problems, can always contact the round-the-clock support service, which works around the clock and seven days a week. The contact phone number is located at the bottom of the home page. In addition, you can use the chat by asking a question in the form at the bottom right, which is literally called that.

Responsive operators are always happy to help customers. You can rely on them to solve any unforeseen or incomprehensible situations.

Pros and Cons of 1xBet Nigeria

The 1xbet website looks quite modern and convenient, and you can place bets here both on sports events and on typical casino “disciplines”. The office is in great demand and respect all over the world – about half a million people from different countries have chosen 1xbet, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews. In the absence of a fixed margin, the administration provides players with pleasant odds. One cannot ignore the fact that most global bookmakers do not have a local Nigerian version, therefore, against the background of competitors, 1xbet looks preferable, making it possible to replenish the account with nairas and withdraw them in Nigeria.

The list of advantages of 1xbet does not end there, so let’s add a few more:

  • Dozens of sports disciplines and thousands of confrontations every day;
  • Winnings are not taxed;
  • The entertainment program of sports betting is supplemented by an online casino;
  • You can replenish your account or withdraw money in dozens of different ways, one of which will definitely be convenient for you;
  • Developed convenient and functional applications for mobile gadgets;
  • A rich list includes a variety of conditions that can become a condition for you to win personally;
  • Winnings are practically not limited by the administration;
  • Bonus programs enthrall the player no less than the support of their favorite sports teams;
  • The support service works without interruptions for sleep and food.

The drawbacks of 1xbet can be noticed only by very picky reviewers, and we are one of those. We have to admit that the disadvantages of 1xbet are rather arbitrary – for example, you can really withdraw funds only to the account from which the deposit came earlier, but this is a common practice for most bookmakers. In addition, there is one more peculiar drawback – the variety of opportunities for betting and gambling entertainment is so great that you risk becoming a real gambling addict once you get acquainted with the possibilities of 1xbet.

Safety and Reliability

1xbet, as a bookmaker that has justly earned the respect and love of customers around the world, is obliged to take a responsible attitude to the storage of personal data of customers and the protection of their virtual money. For this, special encryption is used that cannot be hacked from outside – something similar is used by the world’s leading payment systems. The security service separately monitors suspicious transactions – if scammers got to your account not in the digital space, but “live”, 1xbet representatives will notice this and block the attempt to withdraw funds until they contact the exact owner of the account. By the number of customers, one can already conclude that the bookmaker is coping with his task, and he can be entrusted with the most valuable.

Licensing Information

1xbet is a bookmaker licensed by Curacao (Curacao license No. 1668 / JAZ) and owned by Exinvest Limited as a Billing Agent and 1X Corp N.V.


If the bonus is a deposit bonus (expressed in monetary units), it will be credited to a separate bonus account. You can place bets from these funds, but you cannot withdraw them directly before they are wagered. Wagering requires placing bonus funds on certain events and with a minimum coefficient threshold – the exact conditions should be read on the page of the promotion for which the player received the bonus.

This task is extremely simple – you can confirm the number at the time of registration or later. If you have chosen a registration method that requires immediate confirmation of the number, you will need to enter it in the appropriate field of the questionnaire, and in response you will receive an SMS with a code that you will also indicate in the questionnaire. If you have registered in one click, the system will repeatedly remind you to link the number, showing a questionnaire with the required fields.

It is most convenient to place bets from the left block of the site, or the “Live” and “Pre Match” sections in the application. There is a list of sports, tournaments, matches – choose them sequentially until you find what you need. Please note that events planned in the distant future or simply not for the next tour may not appear on the list – they will be added later. Having selected the match of interest, you will open the list – a list of outcomes, handicaps, totals and other conditions, the fulfillment of which will be considered your victory. Clicking on the odds will add the bet to the coupon, and then all that remains is to indicate the amount of the bet and confirm the dispute.

The only available way to use bonus funds immediately after they have been credited to the account is to bet on events that seem interesting to you. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the wagering conditions in advance – if you follow them, placing bonus funds only on events with certain characteristics, bonus funds can turn into ordinary ones and become available for withdrawal.

The administration of the Nigerian version of 1xbet offers an impressive variety of ways to withdraw money into “reality”. Consider bank cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrency wallets, and so on as available destinations. You can get acquainted with the full list of available directions and withdraw money through the menu of your personal account, where there is a section called “Withdrawal of Funds”.